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Shandong Tianping Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd is invested and held by Liaocheng Huazheng Steel pipe Co.,Ltd, we are engaged in customized production of high-end carbon steel and alloy seamless steel pipe, they are processed through hot rolling, cold rolling and cold drawing etc., we have been authorized by ISO9001 quality management system certificate.

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We persist in proposing enterprise spirits of sincerity and trustworthiness, win-win cooperation, excellence and efficiency, unity and progress, struggle and dedication, continuous innovation.

We have our own laboratory which has been approved by CNAS (nation's experiment ) , it means that our laboratory possesses the technology and ability of inspection and calibration.

We have ultrasonic and vortex nondestructive inspection equipment. With high frequency (more than 20000 Hz), short wave length, high energy, strong penetrating power, it can transmit signal directly and generate reflection, refraction and wave-type conversion and further to inspect inside detect. The Ultrasonic transmit to the product through searching unit and spread to a direction, if neterogeny surface(detect) exist, ultrasonic generates reflection. reflected wave received by searching unit and form surge waveform. Operator can judge if there is detect, where is it and how large is it if any.
We pick out each detective product before shipment, only ship high quality pipes.

  • 15

    15 production lines for processing

  • 400

    Our enterprise now has almost 400 staffs

  • 10000

    10000 cooperative customers from home and abroad

  • 60

    With a sales volume of 60 tons

We have the
following equipment:

1、Five production lines for Hot-rolled seamless steel pipe;

2、Large workshop for acid pickling, parkerising and saponification;

3、Nine production lines for precision rolling of seamless steel pipe;

4、Four production lines for automatic cold-rolled process by chain and hydraulic pressure ;

5、70 meters continuous roller hearth furnace for annealing;

6、Two Ultrasonic and vortex integration inspection lines for nondestructive inspection

7、Physical and chemical testing laboratory of CNAS national level.

We aim to meet customer needs through construction of standard business flow, simplified processing order, diversified solution and service, provide our customers with sustained.

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Address: Provincial Road 105, Daqu Village, Guangping Town, Dongchangfu District, Liaocheng City
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